This issue can occur after a virtual machine backup completes and the entries from the vCenter Server database vpx_disabled_methods table are not removed.

To resolve the issue we need to follow the following steps:

  1. Login to https://vCenter FQDNorIP/mob/?moid=AuthorizationManager&method=enableMethods using SSO credentials.

Login with administrator@yourssodomain.local
Example: administrator@vsphere.local

The below page will appear:

Entity disabled method

2. Find the VMs MOB ID

In the left hand side inventory, select the affected VM’s object
With the VM selected and highlighted, in the URL bar, review the string and look for “VirtualMachine:vm-##”

In our case the VM’s MOB ID is vm-789.

3. In the first parameter box named ‘entity (required)’ replace MOID in the Value fields with the MOB ID of the VM, which in our case was vm-789.

It should look like below:

<!– array start –>
<entity type=”ManagedEntity” xsi:type=”ManagedObjectReference”>vm-789</entity>
<!– array end –>

4. In the second parameter entity named method (required) add the below string as it is,


5. Click on Invoke Method

6. Refresh the vCenter Server web client and the migration option for the VM should now be available

7. If not yet available, restart the Web Client service or all vCenter Server services.

Note: If you have multiple VMs with the same issue please repeat the above steps for all the VMs and vMotion migrations should work fine after that.

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