VMware cloud on AWS in an enterprise-class Software defined datacenter software deployed on AWS infrastructure with optimized access to AWS services. It is powered by VMware Cloud Foundation, VMware Cloud on AWS integrates VMware’s compute (ESXi), Storage (vSAN) and Network (NSX-T) virtualization products along with VMware vCenter Management and is optimized to run on dedicated, elastic and bare-metal AWS infrastructure.

VMware Cloud on AWS is fully managed by VMware and is provided as a service to customers to enable hybrid cloud environment.

VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC is running directly on AWS elastic bare metal infrastructure, which provides high bandwidth, low latency connectivity to AWS services. Virtual machine workloads can access public API endpoints for AWS services such as AWS Lambda, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Amazon S3 and Elastic Load Balancing, as well as private resources in the customer’s Amazon VPC, such as Amazon EC2, and data and analytics services such as Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Kinesis and Amazon Redshift. You can also now enjoy Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) for fully managed file service to scale the file-based storage automatically to petabyte scale with high availability and durability across multiple availability zones and the newest generation of VPC Endpoints designed to access AWS services while keeping all the traffic within the AWS network.

You can connect to your VMware Cloud on AWS using the following methods:

  • AWS Direct Connect.
  • VPN connectivity between on-prem infrastructure and VMware Cloud on AWS.

Why Use VMware Cloud on AWS?

  • Rapid and easy migration of VMware vSphere based workloads to the cloud. Less risk and cost of cloud migrations compared to alternatives that require conversions or re-architecture. Leverage familiar VMware tools and skillsets to accelerate cloud migrations. Once in the cloud you can leverage VMware and AWS services to modernize your applications at your pace.
  • Easily extend your footprint into the cloud and get VMware-consistent, enterprise-grade environments in the AWS cloud in a fast and cost-effective way.
  • Easily deliver business continuity with VMware Site Recovery, on-demand disaster recovery as a service. Reduce secondary site costs by providing a secondary site that is operationally consistent with your VMware datacenter.
  • Deliver a robust, feature-rich cloud platform for virtual desktops and applications. Optimize infrastructure costs with flexible, consumption-based billing while paying only for what you actually use.
  • Extend on-premises datacenters and easily migrate targeted application workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS without conversions. Obtain bi-directional workload portability between on-premises and VMware Cloud on AWS.
  • Access native AWS services seamlessly for new app development.
  • Get VMware SDDC capacity in the AWS Cloud in minutes whenever your business needs. Take advantage of elastic capacity and usage-based costing, by seamlessly moving live applications into an environment that is operationally consistent with your VMware datacenter.

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