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‘Migrate’ Option Greyed out for VMs in VMware vCenter 6.x/7.X

This issue can occur after a virtual machine backup completes and the entries from the vCenter Server database vpx_disabled_methods table are not removed. To resolve the issue we need to follow the following steps: Login to https://vCenter FQDNorIP/mob/?moid=AuthorizationManager&method=enableMethods using SSO credentials. Login with administrator@yourssodomain.localExample: administrator@vsphere.local The below page will appear: 2. Find the VMs MOB ID In … Continue reading ‘Migrate’ Option Greyed out for VMs in VMware vCenter 6.x/7.X

VMware vSAN Troubleshooting Commands

vSAN achieves high availability and performance through distribution of data across multiple hosts in the vSAN cluster. Data is transmitted over the vSAN network. There are cases where a large amount of data must be copied over the vSAN network. During the Resync operation there are chances that the VMs on the vSAN cluster might … Continue reading VMware vSAN Troubleshooting Commands

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