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I placed a key binding to the global keys of my rc.lua to do this on a keystroke: -- VGA hotplugging and restarting awesome. Why is it so difficult? (UPDATE: xcb-util problem is solved by now, thanks to the package maintainers!). It will replace spaces to underline sign, convert characters with accents for the non-accent version and remove special characters. xinit fluxboxorxinit awesomeMy .xinitrc is like this because I use slim as my login manager and that uses xinit. check over here

Browse other questions tagged ssh display xorg gtk or ask your own question. installing wifi-menu after installation of arch will not save once rebooted1 points · 5 comments Can't get Spotify to play local files5 points · 5 comments pacman invariable hangs up on "updating manpage index"This is Why was Susan treated so unkindly? i + 9, function () local tag = awful.tag.gettags(client.focus.screen)[i] if client.focus and tag then awful.client.toggletag(tag) end end)) end clientbuttons = awful.util.table.join( awful.button({ }, 1, function (c) client.focus = c; c:raise() end), go to this web-site

Awesome Main:479 Cannot Open Display Error 5

UPDATE: since Virtualbox 5.1.x instead of runuse start! UPDATE: since Virtualbox 5.0.0 instead of --environment use the --putenv option in your "VBoxManage guestcontrol ... I do not want to describe how to install guest additions, it is well documented elsewhere.

To open files remotely you can use cmd.exe or the start command but both opens a console window besides the program that you want to run which I find quite annoying. After installing tp_smapi I loaded the module: modprobe hdaps The module is loaded but dmesg says: thinkpad_ec: thinkpad_ec_read_row: failed requesting row: (0x01:0x00)->0xfffffff0 At the same time my battery status modules stopped It looks like a complete install inside the latter, am I manually supposed to copy the files where I want them? Arch Startx when using the "win" key for a window management task the windows menu always shown up.

Gaidal View Public Profile View LQ Blog View Review Entries View HCL Entries Find More Posts by Gaidal View Blog 11-16-2010, 01:00 AM #2 zoran119 Member Registered: Dec 2007 Awesome Cannot Open Display Error 5 Actually, the resolution of "localhost" wasn't! And please post your Xorg.0.log. Instead of setting up your frequency scaling manually you can use Laptop Mode Tools, see below.

I recommend for the benefit of others reading this later that you make your answer more explicit. (Specify the location of sshd_config, and what to change in it.) –Daryl Spitzer Jul Xinitrc cleanpath=$(detox -vs utf_8 "$targetfullpath" | tail -1 | awk '{print $NF}')# The same filepath under the windows guest machine winfullpath=$(echo $driveletter$cleanpath | sed 's/\//\\/g')# Open the file under windowsecho $script": opening Finally I have succeeded to set up Awesome WM to meet all my needs but I really had to work hard to get to this point. Unconfirmed 1307 awesome awful Bug Report Medium connecting mouse::* signals don't work on Unconfirmed 1306 awesome Core Bug Report Medium Postpone/block layout (re)arrangement during applying o...

Awesome Cannot Open Display Error 5

Is it acceptable to ask an unknown professor for help in a related field during his office hours? Same symptom of empty $DISPLAY variable (no help setting/exporting it manually). Awesome Main:479 Cannot Open Display Error 5 Last edited by a_movingtarget (2011-10-18 14:53:29) Offline #2 2011-10-17 23:52:32 ArchVortex Retired From: Bali Registered: 2011-04-01 Posts: 1,464 Re: [Solved] AwesomeWM start This is what I used to get Awesome running Awesome Arch Topics: Active | Unanswered Index »FAQs, Tips & Tutorials »[Solved] AwesomeWM start Pages: 1 #1 2011-10-17 23:08:08 a_movingtarget Member Registered: 2011-10-13 Posts: 14 [Solved] AwesomeWM start Hello Archbangers!

I do it with this symlink command: $ ln -s /etc/fonts/conf.avail/10-hinting-full.conf .config/fontconfig/conf.d/ Posted by György Ráth at 05:53 0 comments Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Labels: fonts Monday, For example I write the battery percentage with red when its value is under 30% instead of the normal orange colour. share|improve this answer edited Feb 28 '12 at 9:11 answered Feb 21 '12 at 8:47 harrymc 191k7166409 4 +1 for the Note that IP = is the local workstation's IP Posted by György Ráth at 08:24 6 comments Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Tuesday, 24 January 2012 VirtualBox tips and tricks - awesome wm integration Hiding the menu Awesome Config

sources: what is the difference between ssh -Y and ssh -X cygwin/X warning: could not open X display share|improve this answer edited Oct 17 '14 at 10:41 answered Oct 17 '14 I'm also curious what the process would be for installing newer versions, both for this particular case and as a general rule. Create a shared folder under VirtualBox settings and add your linux host's root (/) filesystem. this content or just ForwardX11 in /etc/ssh/ssh_config, then run $ ssh [email protected] -Y, to enable trusted X11 forwarding, don't know the exact cause but I'm guessing with -X some features expire after some

but If I want to open GUI application on my host which is installed on other host. Awesome Wm client.connect_signal("manage", function (c, startup) -- Enable sloppy focus c:connect_signal("mouse::enter", function(c) if awful.layout.get(c.screen) ~= awful.layout.suit.magnifier and awful.client.focus.filter(c) then client.focus = c end end) if not startup then -- Set the windows at to use when opening windows files (.doc, .xls, ppt, .exe, etc.), so you simply need to click on an e-mail document attachment or an excel link and it will open

The rclua config says that "xterm" is the terminal and that the modkey is "mod4" (windows key), but it doesn't open via the mouse menu (which is only a couple of

If you have the same issue, you can disable the "win" key under windows by simply downloading and executing the appropriate "Fix it" binary provided by Microsoft's support page. Just use "ssh -X [email protected]", then type the name of the progam you want to use. For this you need to install a calculator, I use qalculate-gtk. share|improve this answer answered Oct 22 '12 at 7:59 Joril 1,38611726 1 This helped me out on my minimal debian installation, thank you very much! –binOr Jan 16 '13 at

Unconfirmed 1182 awesome awful Bug Report High awful.rule tag doesn't work with two screens Unconfirmed 1104 awesome Core Bug Report High support XLookupString or XKeysymToKeycode Unconfirmed 1080 awesome awful Bug Report Can anyone help me here? I don't have a .xinitrc file that I can find in /etc or ~/ either... have a peek at these guys startx sets a lot of environment variables which are usually needed for the x-server to work.

yaourt ) it will search packages just it would do with the -Ss option ( i.e. And in your .xinitrc file you define which WM you want. This command allows you to initiate program execution inside the guest from the host. They simply do not work.

Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Here's how it works: Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the Offline #5 2008-05-09 17:57:11 burk Member From: Norway Registered: 2007-06-17 Posts: 46 Re: [SOLVED]awesome wm won't start Because awesome is a program that needs a running x-server Offline #6 2008-05-09 18:03:18 The dual-screen bash script runs an xrandr screen setup. I haven't faced this problem for a while, maybe a kernel upgrade (or who knows what) solved it permanently.

My config looks like this: Section "InputClass" Identifier "touchpad catchall" Driver "synaptics" MatchIsTouchpad "on" MatchDevicePath "/dev/input/event*" Option "TapButton1" "1" Option "TapButton2" "2" Option "TapButton3" "3" Option "VertEdgeScroll" "on" Option "VertTwoFingerScroll" "on" How do I go about getting a Terminal?