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Apache Cannot Run As Forbidden Gid

Document root is usally /var/www/html and is also web accessible. SELinux settings can also sometimes cause permission problems and require special settings if you want to leave it fully enabled. Faq Reply With Quote August 24th, 2000,11:39 AM #2 No Profile Picture freebsd Guest Devshed Newbie (0 - 499 posts) >>cannot run as forbidden gid Start here -> Read When a directory or file does not have group read permissions, then anyone in that group cannot read that file or directory. weblink

You want CGI scripts to run with very few privileges, a bare minimum. This page has been accessed 20,673 times. © Copyright 2010 1H Ltd. no idea what was changed though... This is what I get in the > suexec.log: > > [2002-03-01 14:27:25]: info: (target/actual) uid: (whelan/whelan) gid: > (dialout/dialout) cmd: > [2002-03-01 14:27:25]: crit: cannot run as forbidden gid

The effect # of these rules is almost impossible to detect from the browser. # The main trick is that the RewriteCond immediately before the # RewriteRule must have a capturing Even if the files are created as rw only for apache, and other users are not in the apache group, a trivial CGI script will enable access to other files because We worked to solve these issues and add a separation between users. This is good from a security standpoint.

It keeps all the files owned by non-admin users in /home. can only access publicly available file) for security. It is also slightly less efficient than the hard coded version. [Date Prev][Date Next] [Thread Prev][Thread Next] [Thread Index] [Date Index] [Author Index] RE: Suexec: cannot run as forbidden guid From: "Ryan Golhar" To:

Everything seems to be working now. In order that there may be no doubt as to which is the top and which is the bottom, for storage purposes it will be seen that the bottom of each User mst3k was created "wrong". A better question might be: why do you want this?

This scenario is: 1) Scripts creates a web page /home/mst3k/static_script_pages/a.html 2) a.html has numeric id 1. 3) The Perl script looks at a database or data file, learns that id=1 There are some good practical reasons to locate every user's document root in /home/user/public_html even when virtually hosting. Faq Reply With Quote August 24th, 2000,02:05 PM #3 Mirax View Profile View Forum Posts  Senior Member Devshed Intermediate (1500 - 1999 posts)  Join Date Jun 2000 Location Enschede, This is useful because what RewriteRule matches against is # not the URI.

The problem stems from how paranoid suexec is. Why put a warning sticker over the warning on this product? If your CGI needs to write files, put those files into a directory created specifically with permissions that allow apache to read and write. Am I interrupting my husband's parenting?

Share This Thread  Tweet This + 1 this Post To Linkedin Subscribe to this Thread  Subscribe to This Thread August 24th, 2000,10:36 AM #1 Mirax View Profile View Forum have a peek at these guys drwx--x--x 28 54089 100 4096 2009-08-05 16:48 . [anubis ~]$ # primary group is mst3k, 502 which is a mis-match with the dir/file group id. # The CGI script is For more info about how suexec works, check out -- Reply to: Tim Moss (on-list) Tim Moss (off-list) References: Re: Apache fails to ExecCGI properly From: Tim Moss Copy the following lines into the highest level .htaccess file, e.g.

When the rewrite works, these two URLs give identical results: Simply, a web page like this: uid=501(mst3k) gid=501(mst3k) groups=48(apache),501(mst3k) Without the rewrite (or if it isn't working), only the Success! We decided to use this functionality to collect CPU usage statistics from all processes started by suexec. Cheers, -- Cameron Simpson DoD#743 It is necessary for technical reasons that these warheads be stored with the top at the bottom and the bottom at

So what we did was to add chroot support to SuExec. Think VERY CAREFULLY about any checks you turn off and how their absense may be abused. | I want the script to run a | 'apache' which is what the web The normal Linux convention is that a user's uid (numeric user id) and gid (numeric group id) are both the same, and are unique to that user.

Someone knows what's going wrong?

Looks like Debian uses the default minimum of 100 (same for the minimum uid). Rather than allowing all developers to write into some shared directory, it is better to have a release manager (role, or actual person). You could leave out this line # and hard code the user id in the next line. If everything a user needs is in /home/user, there is no need for symlinks to other parts of the disk.

A group-write CGI script could be modified by a hostile user that is not the script owner. The usual justification is to allow any developer to write to a test/QA or staging area. I cannot think of a reason that your scripts ever need to write a file in web accessible areas. this content So, since all user scripts are executed by SuExec, we decided to implement these resource limitations in it.

Old workaround -------------- The following workaround applies to httpd.conf or .htaccess. This is important since many exploits (hacks) involve tricking your script to write a back-door file into a web accessible directory.