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Apache Cannot Find Php5apache2_2.dll

If you use VC9 Apache will not start. Binaries compiled with VC9 do not load into VC6 compiled binaries. Just in case, here is the new capitalized PHP and C:/ version of last four lines: LoadModule php5_module "C:/PHP/php5apache2_2.dll" AddType application/x-httpd-php .php #configure the path to php.ini PHPIniDir "C:/PHP/" Thanks again! Linked 12 PHP 5.3.2, Where do I find php5apache2_2.dll? 2 php dll cannot be loaded into server when using apachelounge VC14 build and VC11 build Related 1Apache not loading PHP

Am i missing something here? –VishwaKumar Nov 22 '12 at 11:31 I got PHP 5.5 to work with the files here: I used php5apache2_2.dll. –Niels Abildgaard Sep 13 Back to top #4 yshua yshua Advanced Member Members 123 posts Posted 04 November 2012 - 10:48 PM Dear forum people: Success at last (over a month)! I am just learning about MySQL, PHP, and Apache in a Server Side Scripting class. see my answer.

Thank you. What files did you download? I have tried to get it all up and running on about 5 different occasions now and it's never worked. because I could not observe a pattern in when entries are made.

where is php5apache2_2.dll? When you have to resort to reading the manual - read, don't scan Tags: apache, PHP, windows This entry was posted on Sunday, November 8th, 2009 at 6:34 pm and is What is safer to use (in general terms), online banking software using the mobile app or using a browser on a desktop OS? php apache share|improve this question asked Nov 24 '11 at 23:05 user965884 1,683124374 The simple answer is in here : –tesmojones Dec 20 '12 at 4:33

httpd.exe: Syntax error on line 492 of C:/Program Files/Apache Software Foundation/Apache2.2/conf/httpd.conf: Cannot load C:/PHP/php5apache2_2.dll into server: The specified module could not be found.2. [Fri Mar 30 14:11:15 2012] [warn] (OS 995)The And see three ways to set up PHP to work with Apache 2.x. There was a newer version of PHP on their site, but that is not what Kevin's book said to use, so I went for the version he suggested. And, perhaps someone with experience could recommend a needed PHP version to work, besides the PHP5.3.8 that used to work on my system before having to reinstall Windows 7 on this

There is also a almost complete how to if you still have a question please ask again. @Steffen I wonder why you didn't answer this Back to top SteffenModeratorJoined: 15 There are a few that aren't compatible with Apache. Why are Squibs not notified by the Ministry of Magic Is it professional to disagree with a superior's technical decision in front of others? Anyway, I installed Apache (2.0.55) and PHP (5.1.4) on Win2K.

Fortunately, at this point I recalled switching to the VC9 build in an attempt to solve the access violation problem. Apache won't start and it took me more than half an hour to figure out what's going on. Here are the offensive lines at the bottom of httpd.conf: LoadModule php5_module "c:/php/php5apache2.dll" AddType application/x-httpd-php .php #configure the path to php.ini PHPIniDir "C:/php/" Have googled the above emsg without any answers My manager said I spend too much time on Stack Exchange.

You can configure PHP as Apache handler in <[apache_home]>\conf\httpd.conf as follow: LoadModule php5_module "c:/php/php5apache2_2.dll" AddHandler application/x-httpd-php .php #configure the path to php.ini PHPIniDir 'C:\php\' NOTE: To avoid the error while starting python3: 'where' keyword dynamic where clause Browse more PHP Questions on Bytes Question stats viewed: 86016 replies: 8 date asked: Jul 27 '09 Follow this discussion BYTES.COM 2016 Formerly "" Wait... With this, can you tell me how to correct my problem?

Some earlier versions probably work as well. Upgrading from 5.2.6 would be as easy as making the respective lines in Apache's httpd.conf point to the 5.3.0 installation… I was wrong. Step 1) Tell us what you tried. check over here Signature: (not a comment about anything you posted unless specifically indicated)Debugging step #1: To get past the garbage-out equals garbage-in stage in your code, you must check that the inputs to

Why are Squibs not notified by the Ministry of Magic Why was Susan treated so unkindly? Mike_GoDaddy 2012-04-03 21:04:48 UTC #2 Where did you install PHP to on the server? How to make plots 'blacker'?

Is it supposed to be there?

How can I prove its value? Faq September 20th, 2006,04:57 PM #13 No Profile Picture yellowplanet View Profile View Forum Posts  Registered User Devshed Newbie (0 - 499 posts)  Join Date Sep 2006 Posts Is there any significance that all of the other modules in httpd.conf end with "so" and not "dll"? What is exactly meant by a "data set"?

Why would they not include this essential file, and why is there nowhere to download it? up vote 12 down vote favorite I'm upgrading my local version of PHP to 5.3.2, on Windows. How to use namedpipe as temporary file? this content Still no success.

Obviously, Google should play a part in it. The status bar of the Apache Service Monitor window does not show the version of PHP that I've got. I am so angry with this whole installation c*ck-up. Specifically, I downloaded the PHP folder directly to the C: drive as Kevin Yank's book suggests.

Step 3) Tell us what you tried to resolve it. I clicked on the Zip link and extracted the files, but I'm not sure about Thread Safe. I downloaded the non thread safe version instead of the thread safe version. After a lof of searching I found that this doesn't work.

As far as I'm concerned right now, it's sh*t!